Intimate Talk with the Moon-Lunar Eclipse Time


《Guru’s Talks》(238冊《對著月亮說話》Intimate Talk with the Moon)

Lunar Eclipse Time

by Sheng-yen Lu



  We always like to say that the moon can be cloudy, bright, full, or crescent shaped and people have days of happiness, sadness, meeting and separation, emotions of merriment, anger, despair, and joy.

  The Buddha said: “Nothing remains the same.”

  We also know that when the sun, earth, and moon are aligned, the earth blocks the sunlight. This creates the effect of a “lunar eclipse.”

  Poem by Jing Cen:

   Don’t be moved by the highest level of enlightenment.

   Although entered, is it real?

   Still need to improve after reaching the highest level of enlightenment.

   The worlds of ten directions are the whole body.


   Not recognizing the Vajra Body, yet claim it arises from affinity.

   Ten directions are really empty. Who is causing the cause?

  These two poems point out that one must recognize “ten directions.”

  Recognize what is “immovability” and “still quiescence.”

  I say:

  Recognize what is “full and deficient.” Recognize “coming together and separation.” Recognize “sadness and happiness.”  Recognize what actually is “still quiescence.”

  Outside is chaos.

  Inside is immovability.

  Outside is noise.

  Inside is still quiescence.

  This is the answer to “lunar eclipse.”

  Our friendship often gets disrupted by others as well as by misunderstandings between ourselves.

  But, like the lunar eclipse, friendships often wane and are covered in darkness. Then later, like a miracle, are revived.

  Sometimes it is just not mostly covered in darkness but covered all in darkness. Aimless in the dark.

  Then gradually light appeared!



  You said:

  “I live only for you.”

  I said:

  “I also live only for you.”

  Just with these words, we miraculously become alive again and gossip is swept away.


  “Worlds of ten directions are the whole body!”


  “Ten directions are really still quiescence.”

  We have gone through the darkest valley. It was because I was guarding you and you were guarding me.

  Our closeness will never be understood by others. Because they don’t understand what you and I know: “From our many lifetimes of rebirths!”

  For you, I write this poem:

   During the lunar eclipse

   Darkness covers the worlds of ten directions

   Affected by many gossips

   Almost separated us

   The heart is often confused

   The tides rise, the tides fall

   The heart always sways back and forth

   Always obscured

   Where is the prajna shore?

   Talking to the moon

   You heard my call

   And you return my call

   Once again brightness returns

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