The Magical Hands Of Sheng-yen Lu-[A Snake Slithering Away]

《Guru’s Talks》(2630) (蓮生活佛盧勝彥文集第236冊《盧勝彥手的魔力》)
A Snake Slithering Away
‧Sheng-yen Lu‧

When I confer mo-ding, I always visualize my Yidam residing atop my head and myself transforming into the Yidam. While moving my hand from one person’s head to the next, I chant the Yidam’s mantra simultaneously.
My hands are moving very fast. Otherwise, the whole process may take as long as one or two hours.
Once, after I placed my hand on a man’s head, he said to me, “Grand Master Lu, my right arm is very painful. It has been hurting for half a year. Please help me by giving it a pat.”
When I heard that, I immediately used my right hand to pat his right arm from shoulder to hand. I patted the three joints: upper arm joint, elbow joint, and wrist joint.
When finished, I continued giving mo-ding to other people. A week later, we heard back from the man:
After he received the patting, his arm was still in excruciating pain for about two days. Two days later, he had a dream.
In the dream, he saw a snake sliding out of his arm. It was a long and slender Chinese Green Tree Viper. Flicking its tongue rapidly, the snake slithered away.
When he awoke, this man noticed that his arm had stopped hurting. Before, when his arm was in pain, he could neither raise his arm nor bend his elbow. He also could not maneuver his fingers to do any writing.

After I patted his arm, he was able to raise his arm, bend his elbow, and write. Everything has returned to normal. Hooray! Hooray!
This is the story told by the man. He lives in Mingjian Township and is a tea farmer. His farm produces high quality teas. He also owns another plot of land where he cultivates mulberries.
About half a year ago, he was taking an afternoon nap under a mulberry tree. Suddenly he felt something moving on his belly and he woke up startled. When he opened his eyes, he saw a slender green tree viper crawling on his belly.
Instinctively he grabbed it. The snake readily turned its head and was about to bite him. He was still holding in his right hand the farm tool he had been working with earlier. With a wave of his sickle, the snake was cut into two pieces.
This incident did not worry him at all. After all, as someone who has been working around farms, he has seen many snakes before:
Chinese Green Tree Vipers,
Hundred-pace snakes,
Elaphe snakes,
Taiwan Habu snakes,
Umbrella snakes,
Water snakes,
That was why he did not give this incident another thought. But, after Grand Master Lu patted his painful arm and he subsequently had the dream, he remembered this incident. This was also a coincidence.
The man was worried that the green tree viper would slither back and re-enter his arm. So he beseeched Grand Master Lu to quickly conduct a bardo deliverance for the snake.
Therefore, I carried out his wish and delivered the spirit of the green tree viper.
I thought that would be the end. Unexpectedly the story continued. After I performed the deliverance, the man had another dream. He again dreamt of the green tree viper, but this time it extended its dragon claws, scales grew out of its body, and its head transformed into a dragon head.
After saying “thank you” to the man, it soared up and flew towards the clouds!
This is a good dream!

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