The Magical Hands of Sheng-yen Lu-A Powerful Guardian Spirit


(Book 236 The Magical Hands of Sheng-yen Lu《盧勝彥手的魔力》)
A Powerful Guardian Spirit
‧Written by Master Sheng-yen Lu‧

A lady came to see me who had a flawless face, as beautiful as that of a heavenly being. When we first met, I was a little in awe by her beauty.
Besides being a dazzling and charming beauty, she was highly educated and had led a rich, varied life. She was raised in an upper middle class family. However, she had a little regret in her life. At the age of thirty, she was still single.
In today’s world, some women are not interested in marriage, just as some men prefer to remain bachelors. But, that was not her case. She begged me to give her a mo-ding blessing, so she could find Prince Charming soon.
I gave her a mo-ding.
It did not work.
I gave her a second mo-ding.
Nothing happened.
A third mo-ding.
Still no luck.

She could not help but feel somewhat disappointed. A mo-ding from Grand Master Lu was always efficacious, but why was it unsuccessful in her case?
Was there a lack of pursuers?
No! The pursuers were as numerous as a school of silver carps. But many of them did not meet her high expectations, and she was too proud to stoop to someone she felt was lesser than her.
There were also a few well-matched to her, but every time they reached a discussion about marriage, accidents would happen.
One boyfriend was killed in a car accident.
One boyfriend suddenly broke his leg and became lame.
Another boyfriend had a stroke.
And yet another became afflicted with muscular dystrophy.
All the people who had proposed to her either died or became injured. It was indeed very strange.
I also found this bizarre.
I later asked my Yidam, “Will she get married?”
The Yidam answered, “Yes!”
“Why is she still unmarried then?”
The Yidam answered, “Her guardian spirit is too powerful.”
“Who is her guardian spirit?”
The Yidam answered, “It is her first boyfriend. They were engaged and about to be married. He got into a car accident and died. After his death, he became her guardian spirit. He regards himself as her husband. Whenever any man tries to get close to her, he tries his best to break them up!”
Wow! I finally learned the reason! I asked this lady if these events were true, and she confirmed it. Her first boyfriend was killed in a car accident three days before their wedding.
I thought of a solution. After chanting a sutra to deliver her boyfriend, I turned his soul to the Wheel-Turning Sage King.
I performed a “boundary protection” around the lady.
And then I gave her another mo-ding blessing.

After all these, she finally was getting married. She even sent me a wedding invitation. I did not attend the wedding but sent her a wedding gift.
Recently, I have heard she is pregnant. I am secretly happy for her.
Hence, as long as one is able to find the “knot” and unfasten it, one’s problem will definitely be solved!

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