《Guru’s Talks》(Book 226 Open Your Mind《敲開你的心扉》) 
The Ghost Who Hid Jewelry
‧Written by Master Sheng-yen Lu‧
(Translated by Monita Chan; edited by Janet Ho and Kai Chung Ho; proofread by Jessie Loh; A US Daden Culture Publication)
  It is well known that Grand Master Lu makes friends with, corresponds with, communicates with, and interacts cordially with ghosts.
  One day, an old female ghost leisurely arrived.
  This ghost wore a stiff and blank facial expression, looked extremely lonely, and did not speak. She just pointed to her heart.
  I asked, “Is something on your mind?”
  She nodded.
  She wanted me to go with her and also to take me with her. Actually, I was quite unwilling, but, since a skillful man is a bold man, I went ahead without much hesitation. Perhaps, her daughter is a beautiful female ghost!
  We walked into a house.
  She pointed at a wooden pillar underneath a round table.
  She said, “Open.”
  The wooden pillar separated, and in the hollow space within, there was a large stash of jewelry. My eyes lit up at the sight:
  Diamond rings and diamonds.
  Pearl necklaces.
  Other jewelry.
  Jade bracelets.
  The jewelry was in a big bag hidden in the hollow part of the table pillar, which was a perfect place for hiding the jewelry.
  I asked, “Are they for me?” I was so elated.
  She answered, “No! They are for my descendants!”
  This time, it was my turn to wear a stiff facial expression.
  After a few days, the Zhuang family came to my place and indicated their request for help:
  When the old grandmother was alive, she had a large quantity of jewelry, which included gold, silver, diamonds, and pearls. After she passed away, the jewelry disappeared. When she was alive, the old grandmother had a habit of hiding things because she was afraid of being robbed or stolen from by thieves.
  Her habit included hiding things in the:
  “Back of the plated plaque.”
  “Belly of the Maitreya Buddha Statue.”
  “Bottom of the bed.”
  “Pillow case.”
  Due to her sudden death, she had no time to say or explain, and none of the descendants were aware of the whereabouts of the jewelry. Hence, we especially came to seek help from Grand Master Lu to find out the exact location of old grandmother’s jewelry.
  I thought to myself, “They have eventually come!”
  Disciple Zhuang said, “If we are able to find the jewelry, we will donate to Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation. We will definitely do it.”
  I thought to myself, “That’s more like it!”
  I asked, “Have you searched everywhere?”
  “Yes, we have searched numerous times; all the possible hiding places from the ceiling to the basement, including the belly of the Maitreya Bodhisattva statue.”
  I said, “Inside the hollow wooden pillar of the round table.”
  After they went home and searched, they really found it.
  Disciple Zhuang asked me, “Grand Master Lu, how did you know?”
  I said, “Your old grandmother personally came and told me.”
  “Wow! So accurate!”
  Let me tell you: we should all believe that ghosts, gods, bodhisattvas, and buddhas exist.

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