True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury Tiger Head Vajra

【Tiger Head Vajra Mudra :】

Interlace the fingers of both hands inwards. Straighten both thumbs and keep them apart outward like a tiger head.

【Tiger Head Vajra Seed Syllable :】

Hum (white in color)

【Tiger Head Vajra Mantra :】


【Tiger Head Vajra Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】

The Primordial Golden Mother of Jade Pond wears a Yusheng and phoenix crown. In her hands she holds an apricot yellow flag and a calabash. She rides on Tiger Head Vajra.

【Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Talk – Tiger Head Vajra Background and Key Cultivation Formula】

Tiger head Vajra is the Golden Mother of the Jade Pond in wrathful form. In Buddhism, Mahavairocana is in the center, Akshobhya, in the east, Amitabha, in the west, Ratnasambhava, in the south, and Amoghasiddhi, in the north. In Taoism these five directions are associated with metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Therefore, Yellow Earth is in the center, Golden Mother is in the west, Wood Master is in the east, Water Gold is in the north, and Fire Virtue is in the south. West, which belongs to gold, is guarded by”White Tiger,” White Tiger being Golden Mother of the Jade Pond. Golden Mother is herself the ”White Tiger.” East belongs to wood, namely Azure Dragon. Dragon is in the east, tiger in the west, vermilion bird in the front, and ”Gou Chen” in the back.
Buddhism has Five Buddhas whereas Taoism has Five Golden Immortals guarding the five directions.

Tiger Head Vajra truly has his own historical background. In the book ”Historical Chinese Myths and Legends” he is stately and formidable. As soon as Golden Mother of the Jade Pond inserts the Yusheng held in her hand into her hair she instantly transforms into a mighty tiger.

The Golden Mother and the Tiger Head Vajra are one and the same. The power of Tiger Head Vajra is equal to that of Golden Mother. They are equally significant.

Golden Mother of the Jade Pond belongs to a Dalou Golden Immortal. Her Tiger Head Vajra belongs to a Golden Immortal. Therefore, the power of Tiger Head Vajra is different from the regular tiger deity. Regular tiger masters are tiger gods with the spirit of a tiger descending into the body of a tiger master. This is why they are called ”tiger master” or ”tiger god.” A tiger master is only a guardian god for a temple and has the ability to deter all invasions by evil spirits with his tiger awesome power.
Tiger Head Vajra, however, can protect from any and all kinds of disasters and calamities!

Tiger Head Vajra can ”bite” unrighteous and unruly spirits and is able to ward off disasters and calamities. He is able to ”bite” all gods of plague and pestilence including the Five Gods of Plague. Therefore, Tiger Head Vajra is not only able to protect one’s residence, but is also able to protect manufactures, ranches, aquaculture, an entire country, enrich with wealth, and obtain water. The power of the Tiger Head Vajra is extraordinary! He can also summon wind and rain. He has a command flag in his hand. Golden Mother of the Jade Pond holds a command flag and it is this command flag which she holds. In ancient times, a yellow flag held by someone was called an apricot yellow flag. If this apricot yellow flag has Golden Mother of the Jade Pond’s decree on it, then it will be extraordinary. It can summon wind and rain. Command the wind to come, the wind will come. Command rain to fall, the rain will fall. This is called summoning wind and rain. Hence, if one enshrines this image of the Golden Mother of the Jade Pond riding on the Tiger Head Vajra in the home shrine, all disasters will be be eradicated.

When evaluating feng shui of a ”yang zhai,” a residence, or a ”yin zhai,” a grave, in places with unfavorable feng shui one can enshrine the Tiger Head Vajra who then will ”bite away” any evil invasions. When there is something bad, as soon as Tiger Head Vajra descends all will naturally turn out well. This is the benefit.

Tiger Head Vajra Mantra is 「Om。jin-mu。sid-dhi。hum。hum。pei。」 His mudra is to interlace the fingers of both hands inward. Straighten both thumbs and keep them apart outward like a tiger head. You are able to practice the dharma of this deity with his image, mantra, and mudra available.

Yusheng: a jade hair accessory
Gou Chen: one of the Six Fungshui Animals

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