《Guru’s Talks》(2450) (蓮生活佛盧勝彥文集第236冊《盧勝彥手的魔力》)
The Safe Key
‧Sheng-yen Lu‧

Have you ever hidden something in a safe place, then found yourself unable to recall the location after some time has lapsed?
This is especially common with the elderly. They are often forgetful. For example, one might have taken medicine just a few moments ago, however memory of that may now be blank, so that one does not know if taking of the medicine occurred.
An elderly person may have just had a meal. However, when you ask him, “Have you eaten yet?” He may reply, “Not yet!” He has already forgotten the whole thing.
Older folks may be able to recall memories from a long time ago. But, they cannot recall what happened yesterday. You may have just been introduced to them the day before, and they may now ask, “Who are you?” That memory has been swiped clean!
US President Mr. Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s in his later years. He could not even recognize his own wife Nancy. Many elderly people with memory loss cannot find their way home unescorted.

They have forgotten their own names!
They have forgotten their family members!
They have forgotten their home address!
Everything is forgotten!
Families have to place ads in newspapers to look for these missing family members.
One time, during mo-ding, I placed my hand on the head of an old gentleman. He suddenly let out a loud cry, “I found it!”
I was startled. What did he find?
The old gentleman said, “I hid in my safe cash, gold, jewelries, expensive watches, bank account passbooks, seals, and foreign currencies.”
He was afraid that someone would get hold of his safe key. So, he hid his safe key in the following places:
Under the sofa,
Inside a pillow,
Behind the bookcase,
Inside the pocket of clothing in the closet,
Behind an inscribed board,
Inside a flower pot,
Inside the refrigerator,
Above the ceiling,
Between a box and the mattress,
Inside an old shoe.

He would keep the key in each hiding place for a short while. Then he would move it to another location. This key was too important and he had to keep moving it.
The problem was, there were just too many hiding places. As time went by, he found that he had forgotten the hiding place. He started looking for the missing key and after searching everywhere, he still could not find it. He was in great dismay.
The old man came to the Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple and asked me to give him mo-ding. When I touched his head, as if there were a flash of lightning, he saw in his mind: “Air-conditioning vent!”
Oh heavens! Once Grand Master conferred mo-ding, the old gentleman saw the “air-conditioning vent.”
He went home to look. The key indeed was sitting squarely inside the air-conditioning vent!
The old man said, “Thank you, Grand Master Lu!”
This old man comes frequently to seek mo-ding, because he is able to recover a little more of his lost memory with each mo-ding. After many instances of mo-ding, he now has normal recollection.
The old man said, “This is indeed very marvelous!”

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