The Magical Hands Of Sheng-yen Lu-[A Mark Made by the Bed Mother]

《Guru’s Talks》(3066) (蓮生活佛盧勝彥文集第236冊《盧勝彥手的魔力》)
A Mark Made by the Bed Mother
‧Sheng-yen Lu‧

Acouple brought a little boy to see me. More than half of this little boy’s face was black in color. The right corner of his mouth, to the right brow, all the way to his ear, was completely black.
It was a shocking sight. He looked a little like the Black and White Judges of City God Temples.
This couple said, “When he was born, half his face was black. Some people say it was a mark made by the Bed Mother (a Taiwanese folk goddess), a birthmark. When birthmarks are located on other parts of the body, like on the buttock, they don’t have any visual impact. But, with such a mark on his face, everyone who sees him will find him strange.”
They said, “We have heard that Grand Master Lu’s hands have dharma power. We hope you can cure him!”
I said, “Why don’t you take him to see a doctor?”
They replied, “The dermatologists said there was nothing they could do about it.”
I visualized my Yidam (Personal Deity) residing on my head and the cosmic energy from the deity flowed into my body. I touched my hand upon the little boy’s face. I said, “He will be well!”
The couple left with their son. After a while, the three of them returned to see me.

The parents said, “The black on his face has not faded at all. Grand Master’s hand did not seem to do him any good.”
I was quite embarrassed.
I touched his face again. This time a swirl of light appeared on my palm. Inside the light was a woman lying in a coffin. Her right cheek was immersed in water, and I finally understood.
I explained to them, “There is a problem with the feng shui of your ancestor’s burial site. It has to do with a female ancestor. Her right cheek is immersed in water, and that is the cause of the little boy’s face turning black.”
The couple said, “That must be his grandmother’s gravesite.”
They followed my instructions and had the grandmother’s body exhumed. When they opened her coffin, everyone present was stunned. The right side of the coffin was flooded, and the right side of the grandmother’s face was immersed in water and had turned black.
The couple proceeded to have the body cremated and the ashes interred in a columbarium.
After taking care of this business, the couple brought the little boy to see me again. They said, “Grand Master Lu, the reading of your palm light was so accurate. Now, what should we do?”
I stroked the little boy’s face with my hand the same way. A strange thing happened this time! After one stroke, the blackness faded a little. With another stroke, it faded even more. With several more strokes, the blackness faded further.
Finally, the little boy’s face completely turned fair.
Oh heavens!
The face of the Black and White Judge became completely normal. Many people knew of this incident.

The magical hands of Sheng-yen Lu stroked the black and white face of a little boy and cured him.
Many people have come and asked me to touch their faces:
Those with crooked mouths and slanted eyes,
Those with facial nerve paralysis,
Those with black facial spots,
Those with asymmetric eyes,
Those with small noses,
Those with jug ears,
Those with many moles,
Those with many wrinkles….
They all want me to touch their faces, as if I were a cosmetic surgeon. I would like to tell everyone, “I am already seventy. I also have many wrinkles and some black spots on my face. These are natural biological phenomena. Please take note and do not make too much association. The power of Buddhadharma is infinite. But, it does not cure every ailment.
Every time I perform mo-ding (touching someone’s head), inconceivable empowerment occurs! But, this does not mean that each of the hundreds of thousands who are touched will be cured of illness with one mo-ding.

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