Intimate Talk with the Moon-The Beautiful Small, Small World


《Guru’s Talks》(238冊《對著月亮說話》Intimate Talk with the Moon)

The Beautiful Small, Small World

by Sheng-yen Lu


  When we reach cultivation of mahayoga, a sensation would arise, and we call this response “one taste.”

  Our house becomes a “Buddha palace.”

  Our clothes become “heavenly garments.”

  Our food becomes “ambrosia.”

  Our car becomes a “celestial vehicle.”

  All around us are bodhisattvas, coming and going.

  We call this moment “dwell in peace,” also known as “peacefully dwell in Sumeru,” “peacefully dwell in the (prajna) ocean,” “peacefully dwell in whatever appears,” and “peacefully dwell in the luminous body.”


  As to how others view and treat me, such as with hate, anger, love, wickedness, etc., I can be free and unaffected in my peaceful self.

  In other words:

  If they reproach, don’t reproach back.

  If they are hostile, don’t be hostile to them.

  If they reprimand, don’t reciprocate.

  If they hit, don’t hit back.

  Cultivators cultivate through non-cultivation, as well as perfecting the non-perfect. View all as natural radiance.

  At this time, see only the good qualities of others and ignore their shortcomings. Everyone is a great bodhisattva.


  You said, “Someone is very annoying. I don’t like to see him!”

  I said, “Look at his good qualities!”

  You said, “He doesn’t have any good qualities!”

  I said, “Then, look at his Buddha-nature!” (Everyone has Buddha-nature.)

  For example:

  The one from Malaysia has “the quality of persistence.”

  The one from Singapore has “the quality of countless ideas.”

  The one from Taiwan has “the quality of being very studious.”

  The one from United States has “the quality of being tactful.”

  This is “natural bright wisdom.”

  We are cultivators residing in “the land of bliss” and always remain in “awareness of luminosity” as we admire the beauty of this “small, small world.”

  Poem by Xi Qian (Stone Head Monk):

  When light contains darkness, don’t meet up with the dark.

  When darkness contains light, don’t gaze only at the light.

  Light and dark reciprocates, as one follows the other.

  Universe’s natural order, applicable everywhere.

  This verse is superb!

  “Light” and “dark” contain each other as one.

  A poem for you:

   Like this weather,

  Is not always perfect.

   The many, many hindrances,

   Should not be kept track of.

  What is there to remember?

   Becoming slaves of worry?

   Why not think all is perfect?

  Like the clear moonlight.

   A true cultivator,

  Has no place to mind.

   In the bright emptiness, fulfill perfection,

   The completion of the cultivation levels.

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