Intimate Talk with the Moon-Burning Wild Fire


《Guru’s Talks》(238冊《對著月亮說話》Intimate Talk with the Moon)

Burning Wild Fire

by Sheng-yen Lu


  In truth, to really understand the inner secret of someone is very difficult. Take me for example, I don’t even really understand myself.

  If I don’t even understand myself, then how is it possible for others to understand me?

  In the same token, for me to really understand you is also a really difficult process.

  Someone said: “Being together for a while will bring about mutual understanding!”

  How long is “for a while”?

  There is a person I once wished to understand, but after ten years, I still am not able to understand him.


  On the surface, you look like a sunny girl open and full of vitality. But in reality, you can be sometimes cool and collected in unraveling numerous entanglements.

  Under this collective coolness, who could see the burning wild fire within? Like the thunder from the sky igniting the earth on fire, once started it becomes uncontrollable.

  Sometimes you are so calm!

  Like a surgeon, dissecting my skin inch-by-inch, analyzing in detail.

  And yet sometimes you are ferociously wild!

  Like burning wild fire, burning away my whole body, even the bones of my skeleton.

  I really like all of you, the calm you and the wild you. I appreciate them all.

  How can I analyze you?

  Seriously speaking, there is no need to analyze you!

  Because confronting you, I become fatuous and ignorant.

  Grand Master Lu has the ability of clairvoyance, able to see people’s secrets.

  My third eye can see.

  My ears can hear the sound of heaven.

  My ears can hear reports from gods and buddhas.

  But, all these become useless because of this “love.” Clairvoyance is suspended!

  I really don’t understand your heart!

  Liang Jie’s poem:

   When seeking from him every day, he kept a distance from me.

   Now that I am by myself, I see him everywhere.

   It is because of him that I am me, for I am not him today.

   The meeting has to be this way, in order to recognize it as such.

  I lament!

  My clairvoyance all but disappears in front of you. As if by nature, it is whatever you say!

  Let me write you a poem:

   You are the fog,

   Drift to wherever the wind takes you.

   I am already lost,

   Which is why my clairvoyance waned.

   The secret within you is the cloud.

   Changes that are unfathomable.

   Whatever you say,

   It will always be good for me.

   Burning wild fire!

   It consumes me whole!

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