【Red Manohara Vasudhara Mudra :】

It is the same as the Vajra Hook Mudra. The left hand forms a fist with thumb on the outside and index finger standing. The right hand wraps around the left index finger with the right index finger extending in a hook form.

【Red Manohara Vasudhara Seed Syllable :】

Chuli (red in color)

【Red Manohara Vasudhara Mantra :】

Om。 ma-ruo-ha-ri-ah。 ha-ri-ah, om。yin-ku-sa。 yin-ku-sa。 seh-seh-seh。 hum-hum-hum。 pei。 so-ha。

【Red Manohara Vasudhara Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】

”Red Manohara Vasudhara” has a red body and the looks of a 16 year old girl. She wears silken celestial garments and is ornamented with precious jewels. She looks vigorous and radiates bright light. In her right hand she holds a ”Vajra Hook” and left hand, a ”treasure spewing mongoose.” She is sitting with her right leg slightly extended and her left leg bent inward.

【Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Talk – Red Manohara Vasudhara Background and Accomplishments】

Red Manohara Vasudhara, or ”Gou Cai Tian Nu” (in Chinese characters) is the same deity as the Vajrayana deity ”Gou She Cai Xu Mu.” The ”Mu” character is very broad in interpretation. It signifies ”female” and has the same meaning as the ”Nu.” Therefore, ”Tian Mu” is used interchangeably with ”Tian Nu. ”

When Amitabha Buddha was establishing the ”Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss” Red Manohara Vasudhara was by his side accompanying him as he travelled through a trillion buddha lands. Red Manohara Vasudhara came swirling out from Amitabha Buddha’s unmoved heart as an emanation, carrying a ”Vajra Hook” to hook the quintessence of each buddha land, thus establishing the entire Western Pure Land of Ultimate bliss.

Red Monohara Vasudhara brought all gold into the Western Pure Land, and formed the ground of the Western Pure Land from gold. She brought in the trees made of seven treasures from the Huayan Pure Land. She brought ambrosia from other pure lands to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss and transformed it into water with eight merits. She brought in Indra’s Luminous Pearl Net to make countless palaces. Thus, the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss became the richest, the most perfect, and the most beautiful of all the Buddha Pure Lands.

Red Manohara Vasudhara is the greatest wealth deity in the Western Pure Land and has dominion over all the wealth deities. Therefore, attaining spiritual response from Red Manohara Vasudhara is equivalent to attaining spiritual response from Amitabha Buddha, thereby attains the wisdom of the Tathagata, and one also attains spiritual response from Guanyin Bodhisattva, Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, each of the ”Five Jambalas” of Tantric Buddhism, and all the wealth deities. This is her wonderful attribute.

When cultivating ”Red Manohara Vasudhara Practice” the practitioner forms the ”Hook Mudra” representing the vajra hook carried by ”Red Manohara Vasudhara.” Visualize that the ”Vajra Hook” begins to move, then enlarges and expands outwards. One uses the ”Vajra Hook” to hook whatever one needs and bring it back to oneself. Visualize whatever one wants being dropped from the hook infinitely like a boundless sea of clouds. The most important point is to visualize ”the movement of Red Manohara Vasudhara’s hook while the Hook Mudra one has formed also moves.” This is the key practice point. The practitioner can also visualize that ”Red Manohara Vasudhara’s” eyelashes transform into a hook, hooking all wealth and riches down from the empty space.

Finally one chants the praise verse to ”Red Manohara Vasudhara:”

(Boundless past deeds of virtues,
Transmute into wealth, longevity, and magnificence.
Buddha Mother bestows upon practitioner riches and treasure,
I pay homage to the Enriching Buddha Mother.)

”Red Manohara Vasudhara” can subjugate disasters and calamities, bestow wealth, increase riches and wealth, bless one to get a promotion, deliver beings in the netherworld to the Pure Land, increase the power of love and respect, cure disease and illness, and remove karmic obstacles. The dharma power of ”Red Manohara Vasudhara” is tremendous. This deity is truly special, and her practice is only found in the True Buddha School.

【True Buddha School Red Manohara Vasudhara Sadhana:】

True Buddha School Red Manohara Vasudhara Sadhana

Note: An empowerment must be received from Living Buddha Lian-sheng or an authorized True Buddha School master before engaging in this particular sadhana.

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