Stories of Supreme Spiritual Responses-《Disappearance of Cancer Cells》


《Guru’s Talks》(Book 223 Stories of Supreme Spiritual Responses《無上殊勝莊嚴的感應》「癌細胞的不見」)
Disappearance of Cancer Cells
‧Written by Sheng-yen Lu‧
Translated by Janny Chow
A US Daden Culture Publication

  In 2010, I made a trip to Japan. Ito Lichan of the Kobe local chapter of True Buddha School came to see me at the Hyatt Hotel in Osaka. When I laid eyes upon her, I was greatly shocked. Dharma Instructor Ito Lichan of the Kobe local chapter had been a Japanese beauty.
  This Song poem describes her looks:
  Spring is glimpsed from the emerald hair worn in a bun,
  Delicate loveliness revealed through the shedding of red raw silk.
  Like standing in the eastern breeze,
  One can still hear the sounds of rainbow skirts and Jie drums.

  A slender body,
  A face like hibiscus,
  Ethereal as the clouds,
  Delicate as silk garment and sleeves.
  Yet, this time she looked wan and sallow. Her face was a darkish pallor. Her former graceful bearing was nowhere to be seen.
  I questioned her, “What has happened?”
  Ito Lichan replied, “I became really sick and was unable to get out of bed. When I went to the hospital for a check-up, the doctors discovered cancer cells in my intestines, lungs, brain, and lymph nodes. The diagnosis was quite startling. I do not know how much longer I have to live.”
  Ito Lichan asked for my blessing.
  With my transcendental power, I tapped into the “supreme great dharma power” and completely focused for it to enter and circulate throughout her body. When a picture was taken of both of us, a large red light of blessing appeared in the empty space above her.
  At her departure, I transmitted a special mantra and supplication allowing her to summon me when needed.

  She underwent daily radiation therapy for twenty days. An incredible phenomenon took place during the radiation treatments. An image of Grand Master Lu appeared to her alongside images of the laser beams. She could simultaneously hear Sanskrit mantras.
  Her prognosis gradually changed from guarded and very critical to likely recovery. Every day, she recorded her progress and Grand Master Lu’s help with her recovery.
  There was a period of time when her condition suddenly worsened. She had intractable rectal bleeding, and due to the excessive loss of blood she became anemic. She prayed urgently to Grand Master Lu for blessings, and she chanted the supplication mantra and invoked Grand Master Lu to save her life.
  As soon as she finished the mantra and supplication decree, the bleeding immediately stopped. Tears ran down her cheeks as she sobbed emotionally.
  Doctors and interns throughout the hospital all came to investigate and review her records, because she had become an inconceivable case with an incredible outcome.
  “Everything has returned to normal and she is healed!” There was no scar on her skin.
  Her face looked younger.
  Her wrinkles disappeared.
  A bunion in the sole of her foot vanished.
  It was as if her entire body-mind had undergone purification. Even she herself found this miracle hard to believe.
  Ito Lichan wrote a letter of gratitude to me.

  I do not dare say that I use one hundred percent of my power in extending help to the sick, but I do use all the energy and power I have accumulated this lifetime to help them.
  In the condition of Great Perfection,
  Optimistic and content,
  When the sick think of me,
  Why harbor any doubt?

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