True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury – Hayagriva

True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury – Hayagriva

【Hayagriva Mudra :】


Hayagriva Mudra

Make a fist with the left hand, then form a circle with the thumb and forefinger. Make a circle with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand and extend the middle finger, ring finger, and little finger. Then place your two hands together evenly with thumbs side by side.



【Seed Syllable :】 Seh


Seed Syllable Seh



【Hayagriva Mantra :】
Om。seh。be- ma-da-ji。ha-ye-ji-wa。seh。hum-peh。

【Hayagriva Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction

Hayagriva has one face and two arms and his body is red. He has three wide-open eyes and protruding fangs. His appearance is horrifying. His hair and beard are yellowish-red in color and sticking straight up. He wears a horse head ornament atop his head. His right hand holds a staff with a skull on top. His left hand holds a lasso with a hook on it. His right leg is bent inward while his left leg extends outward. He stands powerfully on a sun disc atop a lotus throne in the midst of the flames of a raging fire of prajna.

【Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Talk – Hayagriva Cultivation Merits and Key Formula】
Hayagriva is also referred to as ”The Swift Vajra,” ”The Quick Vajra” and ”The Biting Vajra.” Hayagriva is one of the Eight Great Vidyarajas and is an emanation of Guanyin Bodhisattva. He is also known as ”Horse Head Guanyin.” Hayagriva is the decretal wheel of Guanyin and has unlimited mighty power. Therefore, he is the embodiment of Amitabha Buddha.
The two most important merits of cultivating Hayagriva are:

1. Saving beings in the animal realm.
2. Protection from all evil mantras and black magic.

Hayagriva’s most important dharma implement is not his Luling skeleton staff or his lasso, but rather the ”horse teeth” atop his crown.

The dharma power of Hayagriva is swift because the ”horsepower” of Hayagriva enables him to run the fastest. His famed horse head comes from his horse strength and swift movement. Hayagriva can shatter the power of evil spells or witchcraft anywhere. His dharma power extends over all 5 continents and his might is supreme and unlimited.

Therefore, first, Hayagriva is fast. His dharma power is manifested in his ”speed.” Second, the bite of Hayagriva is tremendously powerful. He is able to accomplish all dharma techniques by using his teeth.

For example, if one is sick, when cultivating the Hayagriva practice one should visualize Hayagriva’s ”horse” teeth biting into the sick part of one’s body. One does not, of course, really bite oneself. That would hurt. Only bite in visualization. Suppose a sick person comes before you. It depends where is the sickness? For example, if the person has a heart ailment then you visualize his heart. The technique one uses to eliminate the sickness is to bite away the person’s sickness. This is a disaster and calamity relieving dharma method. You can cultivate and use this method for yourself and you can also use it for others.

For ”Enrichment, ” visualize a horse flying away biting on a piece of gold and cash returning with the wealth. You will become rich. Enrichment dharma is for the purpose of gaining sufficient wealth.

For ”Increasing Wisdom Dharma” visualize Hayagriva going out biting sutras in his teeth and coming back with hundreds of sutras. In this way you can increase your wisdom.

”Love, Respect and Perfection Dharma,” if you like a woman or man, in cultivating the Hayagriva practice you visualize Hayagriva flying out and bringing the woman or man back in his teeth. Don’t bite the person to death, bite gently. The person is held very softly and gently and brought back to your side. This is Love and Respect Dharma.

In ”Subjugation Dharma” Hayagriva is dispatched, and in the manner of biting on hay, Hayagriva chews your enemy until he is bitten to death. Of course this is not a good thing and you will have to deliver the dead person to the Buddha’s Pure Land. This is the so-called ”Killings and Deliverance Dharma” of Hayagriva which Grandmaster has mentioned previously. Holding softly and gently in the teeth is good. When you bite with a great deal of force it becomes ”Subjugation Dharma.”

Living Buddha Lian Sheng Lu Sheng-yen has already transmitted numerous ”Karma Practices” contained within the ”Hayagriva” practice, such as: ”The Dharma to Neutralize Poison;” ” The Dharma to Repel Witches and Evil Spells;” ”The Dharma to Bring Love and Respect;” and ” The Dharma of the Vajra Scepter of Hayagriva.” Through the practice of ” The Dharma of the Vajra Scepter of Hayagriva” one is able to protect oneself from all kinds of witchcraft and evil spells, and one will not encounter disasters or calamities.

By cultivating the ”Non-leaking Body Dharma” ghosts and spirits will never succeed in stealing your chi or your light drops.

Cultivation of the dharma practice of Hayagriva will make you healthy, peaceful, and auspicious.

Once one has spiritual response from Hayagriva, one can pray to Hayagriva Vajra Divine that he will be one’s protector forever. You can pray to form an alliance with Hayagriva. From that point on, if you make offerings to Hayagriva in the morning, noon and evening without fail, he will be available to listen to your requests and assignments anytime.

The mudra of ”Hayagriva” represents his two teeth. If you are able to find some horse teeth and place them inside of the golden body of ”Hayagriva” as the representative viscus, then his supreme power will be even further magnified into infinity.

!!Please be cautioned that before anyone can practice any uncommon dharma practices, they are advised and recommended to take refuge and the respective empowerment. The alternative is to be responsible for facing inherent cause and effect!!


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