The Protector Vishnu Sadhana

The Protector Vishnu Sadhana

Begin by praying for the Root Guru`s lineage blessings:

First empty the mind. Next, visualize the Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-Sheng appearing above your crown and radiating light on everyone present.

Chant the Root Guru Heart Mantra 7 times. : Om, Guru, Lian-Sheng Siddhi, Hum.

Pray to the Root Guru to empower you so that the practice will be auspicious.
Engender the Four Immeasurable Minds. Visualize your parents, children, relatives, friends, and enemies joining you in this practice.

Wake Up Call:
Clap twice, then cross hands and snap thumbs and middle fingers.


  1. Recite the Purification Mantras
  2. Recite the Invocation Mantra
  3. Great Homage Using Visualization
  4. Mandala Offering (See Note one)
  5. Fourfold Refuge
  6. Armor Protection
  7. Recite the High King Avalokitesvara
  8. Recite the Rebirth Mantra (7 times)
  9. Recite the Root Guru Heart Mantra: Om, Guru, Lian-Sheng Siddhi, Hum. (108 times)
  10. Mudra and Visualization
    Vishnu Mudra: First form the Garuda Mudra (open both hands like spreading wings, palms outward, left and right thumb crisscross each other, right thumb presses left thumb), then the index finger of each hand touches the other at the tip.
    Seed Syllable:

    Vishnu Seed Syllable and Mudra

    Vishnu Mudra and Seed Syllable Ah (yellow color)

    Visualization: First empty the mind.
    Chant the Emptiness Mantra:
    Om, si-ba-wa, su-da, sa-er-wa, da-er-ma, si-ba-wa, su-do-hang. (3 times)
    (1) Above an expanse of ocean is a stretch of clear sunny sky. A moon disc rises from the ocean into the sky. Inside the moon disc is the yellow Tibetan seed syllable 「Seed Syllable Ah」`Ah`, emitting great yellow light.
    (2) The seed syllable 「Seed Syllable Ah」 `Ah` inside the moon disc revolves and transforms into Vishnu. He is adorned by a treasure crown and his body is yellow color. Sitting on his vahana Garuda, Vishnu`s four arms respectively hold a chakra (wheel) 法輪, mace金剛槌, shankha (conch shell) 如意螺, and white lotus白蓮花.
    (3) Visualize Vishnu emitting a white beam of light from his brow point (third-eye chakra) to your brow point, a red beam of light from his throat to your throat, and a blue beam of light from his heart to your heart. White, red, and blue light naturally immerse into your body and mind.

  11. Recite the Vishnu and Garuda Heart Mantra:
    Om be-dza wei-shu-nu-ya so-ha
    Om be-dza ga-ru-da dza-reh dza-reh hum-pei (108 times)
  12.  Entering Samadhi
  13. Emerging from Samadhi
  14. Praise Verse
    Riding Garuda to preserve the world and save the sufferers
    Holding chakra mace conch and lotus to practice Bodhicitta
    Bright light and pure happiness are all over the infinite space
    Pure merits and achievements are that I make deep obeisance
  15. Chant the Principal Deities Heart Mantras
  16. Recite the Buddhas Name (3 times)
  17. Dedication
  18. Recite the Hundred Syllable Mantra (3 times)
  19. Great Homage Using Visualization (Same as Step 3)
  20. Recite the Completion Mantra
    Om, bu lin. (3 times)
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

Dismissal: Clap twice, then cross hands and snap thumbs and middle fingers.
End of Practice: May all endeavors be auspicious.

Note One:

  1. Practitioners need to offer Ambrosia (甘露水) to Garuda. Offerings to Vishnu can be flowers, incense, candles, tea, and fruit. Anything is fine as long as it is pure. Anything you like, Vishnu likes it.
  2. Making process of Ambrosia: (Ask permission for performing the practice of Ambrosia, you can send a letter to True Buddha Tantric Quarter to request distant empowerment transfer from Grand Master.)
    ① Get a cup of pure water.
    ② Chant 「da peng jin chr nyau, kwang ye gwei shen jung, lwo cha gwei dz mu, gan lu syi chung man. Om mudi so-ha, om mudi so-ha, om mudi so-ha
    ③ Form the Diamond Finger Mudra, and then draw on the pure water the seed syllable 「hum」 (either Sanskrit or Tibetan seed syllable).
    Diamond Finger



Diamond Finger Mudra

Note Two:

Visualization of Entering of Vishnu into Oneself: visualize Vishnu is sitting on his Garuda atop one`s crown, he then transforms into a pearl of light, travels through the crown opening to descend down the central of the heart chakra. Vishnu, sitting on Garuda, gradually enlarges, until becoming the exactly the same size as one. (The practitioner and Vishnu have united into one entity. Vishnu is oneself, oneself is Vishnu. There is no difference between the two. )

An empowerment must be received from Living Buddha Lian-sheng or an authorized True Buddha School master before engaging in this particular sadhana.


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