Stories of Supreme Spiritual Responses《Manifesting as a White-haired Old Man》

《Guru’s Talks》Book 223 Stories of Supreme Spiritual Responses《無上殊勝莊嚴的感應》「化身為白髮老翁」)
Manifesting as a White-haired Old Man
‧Written by Sheng-yen Lu‧
Translated by Janny Chow
A US Daden Culture Publication 

 One year a country was struck by a major earthquake and many houses either collapsed completely or sustained great damage. People were buried under rubble and had to wait amidst sorrow and despair to be rescued.
  Search and rescue teams from around the world flew in, bringing with them equipment and canines to save as many survivors as possible. Large, heavy machinery could not be employed in situations where survivors might be wounded or killed. At the same time, rescue teams were racing against the clock, resorting to using only their hands and tools.
  The golden eight hours passed.
  The golden twenty-four hours passed.
  The golden three days passed.
  The golden week passed.
  For the victims buried alive, their chances of survival dwindled as the days passed. Twenty-six days after the earthquake, a child was miraculously pulled out alive from the wreckage. People found this incredible.

  How could anyone survive without water or food for twenty-six days?
  The child said, “When I was thirsty, I sipped the rain water that seeped underneath the rubble cracks. When I was hungry and about to faint, a light appeared in front of me, and an old man with white hair and a long beard gave me food to eat. That was why I lived.”
  The reporter’s eyes opened wide and he said, “You must have passed out from hunger and hallucinated.”
  The child said, “It was real.”
  The reporter said, “This is implausible.”
  When this news was reported, some people found it amazing while others simply did not believe it. This kind of occurrence is totally unfounded from the point of view of science and medicine.
  When I read the news, I laughed aloud. Hahaha.
  One day, Guanyin Bodhisattva came to visit me.
  The bodhisattva said, “Grand Master Lu, it was you.”
  I replied, “I was here in this country, and he was there in another country. It was too far away.”
  The bodhisattva remarked, “How can anything be too far away when it comes to the Tao?”
  I had no response.

  The bodhisattva said, “Why did you manifest as a white-haired old man and not as your Personal Deity?”
  I replied, “If I were too obvious, I would have had no respite. How would I ever settle down anywhere after that?”
  “Was that why you appeared as a white-haired old man?”
  “I was just trying to keep things peaceful and harmonious.”
  The bodhisattva said, “One religious order wants to raise this orphan, and another wants to adopt him. Why did you not recognize him?”
  I replied, “They were hearing the sounds of the bell with their ears. All I have is the one eye [that transcends all senses].”
  Guanyin Bodhisattva grinned as she departed.

  I, of course, have the bodhicitta!
  I am indebted to all beings and have compassion for them all. I must help awaken those who have affinity with me. Those without affinity I still greatly pity because we are of the same fundamental reality. Life is full of suffering! How can I not feel what others feel! How can I make distinction when helping others! How can it be the wisdom of equanimity when one differentiates between beings?

  As long as I come upon you, you are someone I will help.
  As long as I discover your need for help, my emanation body manifests to help you.
  As long as I can, I will certainly be a bodhisattva.
  As long as there is need, I will give.
  I will continue to run ahead, for the sake of a bodhisattva’s dreams. But as soon as I have done it, it is forgotten.



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