True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury – Amoghapasa

True Buddha Dharma-character Treasury – Amoghapasa

【Amoghapasa Mudra :】

There are three acceptable Amoghapasa mudras:



Mudra 1

With palms together interlace thumbs and index fingers outside of palms with right index finger in front of left. Move right thumb into the opening between left thumb and left index finger as shown in Mudra 1.




Mudra 2

Mudra 2

Press the palms together. Bend index fingers with the right index finger on top of the left. Interlace thumbs inwards with the right thumb placed over the left as shown in Mudra 2.




Amoghapasa Mudra_3

Mudra 3

Press the palms together. Bend index fingers with the right index finger over the left index finger. The thumbs of both hands extend upward side by side and press against the forefingers as shown in Mudra 3.




GM Demo Video – Mudra 2

GM Demo Video – Mudra 3

【Amoghapasa Seed Syllable :】

Seed Syllable Mo

Mo (white in color)

【Amoghapasa Mantra :】


【Amoghapasa Dharmalakṣaṇa Brief Introduction】

”Amoghapasa Guanyin Bodhisattva” is white with three faces and four arms. Each face has three eyes. Her first right hand holds a mala and the second, a nectar vase. Her first left hand holds a lotus and the second, a lasso.

【Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Talk – Amoghapasa Key Cultivation Formula】


Homamge to Amoghapasa

”Amoghapasa (Bu-kong-juan-suo in Chinese) Guanyin” is one of seven Guanyins in the court of Guanyin, and is an emanation of Guanyin. Within the Garbhadhatu Mandala she is an extraordinarily magnificent Guanyin. She is a Guanyin Bodhisattva with about the same level of dharma power as ”Mahacundi Buddha Mother.” Her Vajrayana name is ”Equal Deliverance Vajra.”
Amoghasiddhi Buddha sits atop the crown of Amoghapasa Bodhisattva. Thus, Amoghapasa is an extraordinarily significant Avalokitesvara.

”Amoghapasa Guanyin” has three faces and four arms, each face having three eyes, and having four hands.
One hand holds a mala; when one recites her name one receives deliverance.
One hand holds a lotus; symbolization of rebirth from a lotus, the blossoming lotus eradicates disasters and calamities, eliminates karmic obstacles, and increases one’s good fortune.
One hand holds a ”purification vase;” Amoghapasa uses the nectar contained in the purification vase to completely eliminate the karmic obstacles of any beings regardless of whether they are in the hell realm, hungry ghost realm, or animal realm, their bad karma will be completely eliminated.
One hand holds a ”lasso;” using her lasso Amoghapasa ”captures” what one is wishing for, and one’s wishes and desires are completely accomplished and fulfilled. Amoghapasa can also use her lasso to rope one to the Western Pure Land of Utmost Bliss.

The meaning of ”bu kong (not empty)” is that one’s wishes and desires will be fullfilled.
Amoghapasa uses her ”lasso” to ”rope” what one desires so that, without exception, all of one’s wishes and desires can be accomplished.
”Equal Deliverance” means that no matter who you are, whether one is virtuous or evil, good or bad, all will be guided and saved without discrimination.
Any person who prays to Amoghapasa will receive spiritual response and attain spiritual union with her.
Her greatest vow is her ”lasso” and her ”not empty.” Amoghapasa is able to perfectly and completely accomplish the eradication of disasters and calamities, enhancement, love and respect, and subjugation. ”Amoghapasa Guanyin” can also be of great help to those involved in legal proceedings. Because her lasso does not come back empty, if you pray to her that your legal case will proceed smoothly, when she throws her lasso out it will ”tie up” and immobilize whoever troublemakers or evildoers you may be involved with. And while these evil doers are ”tied up,” you are free and will prevail in your legal case, which is a good thing for you.

There is a secret formula for making offerings to Amoghapasa Guanyin, Guanyin Bodhisattva, goddesses, and dakinis. One may offer foundation, lipstick, eyebrow pencils, mirrors, false eyelashes, loose powder, rouge, and fingernail polish. Through these offerings you can also preserve your own youthful beauty and attain a long lifespan. Amoghapasa Guanyin has this kind of power.

When making offerings to bodhisattvas, you may offer whatever yourself like and the bodhisattvas will like it also. When making offerings to heavens and gods you offer whatever they like. This is the key instruction of making offerings. By offering in this way you will attain spiritual union.

Om。a-mo-ga。pi-she-ye。hum-pan-zha。” is the short mantra of Amoghapasa. ”A-mo-ga” is Amogha-pasa’s name.
”Infallible Mani Offering Mantra, ” and ”Mantra of Light” are both transformations of Amoghapasa Guanyin. They are massive and infallible offerings.

◎The Infallible Mani Offering Mantra: ”Om。a-mo-ga。bu-jia。mo-ni。bei-de-ma。wa-ji-la。da-ta-ga-da。wei-luo-ge-de。san-man-da。ben-la-sa-la。hum。” This is the secret offering mantra. Reciting this mantra three times is equivalent to making a great offering. When you are out on the road travelling you can recite this mantra three times.

◎The Mantra of Light: ”Om。a-mo-ga。huai-lu-jia-na。ma-ha。mu-de-la。ma-ni。ba-de-ma。ji-fa-la。da-ta-ga-da。wei-luo-ge-de。san-man-da。ben-la-fa-er-da-ya。hum。
The ”Mantra of Light” is the Mahamudra of Infallible Vairocana Buddha, possesses the brilliant light of the precious lotus which transforms karma and destroys catastrophes, resulting in the attainment of the indestructible (vajra) bodhi mind.

More about Amoghapasa Dharma:

Amoghapasa Sadhana

!!Please be aware that before anyone can practice the above uncommon practices, it is advised and recommended that they take refuge and the respective empowerment; alternatively one must face inherent resulting cause and effect!!

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