The Magical Hands of Sheng-yen Lu-The Healing of Skin Allergies


(Book 236 The Magical Hands of Sheng-yen Lu《盧勝彥手的魔力》)
The Healing of Skin Allergies
‧Written by Master Sheng-yen Lu‧

A woman brought three photographs to me and asked me to bless the man in the pictures.
I asked, “Who is he?”
The woman replied, “He is my elder brother.”
I asked, “What happened to your elder brother?”
She replied, “My elder brother has developed sensitive skin over his entire body. He cannot stop itching and scratching. Presently, from head to toe, he is covered with sores and inflamed and ulcerated skin.”

I asked, “Has he seen doctors?”
She said, “He has gotten injections, taken pills, and applied creams and ointments. They have tried antibiotics, steroids, everything. But nothing works.”
I carefully looked at the three pictures of the man, and I was greatly shocked. Indeed from head to toe, chest to back, arms to legs, there was not one spot of skin that was not severely affected. Those ulcerations would send a shudder through anyone looking upon them.
I said, “Ask him to chant the Earth God Mantra half a million times.”
The woman said, “He has already chanted a hundred thousand times.”
I said, “Just continue to chant it!”
I visualized myself transforming into my Yidam and used my hand to touch and stroke the man in the picture. The Cosmic Flow of Dharma flowed from my hand onto the photograph.

I said, “It will be done!”
The woman asked, “What will be done?”
I replied, “A miracle will happen!”
It is said –
The woman’s elder brother had a dream.
He saw a lady wearing white with a dignified appearance who approached and asked him, “What is wrong with your body?”
He replied, “I have severe skin allergies.”

The lady in white said, “If I help heal you, you must take refuge in Grand Master Lu!”
He responded, “Of course. I have already chanted the Earth God Mantra one hundred thousand times. Grand Master Lu asked me to chant half a million. I am still doing my chanting!”
The lady in white took out a vase and poured out some water. She then used a branch dipped in the water to sprinkle water over his entire body.
In his dream, he felt a very cooling effect from the water which soothed his skin.

He also saw many tiny black bugs crawling out of his skin. They dropped to the ground and disappeared.
The lady in white said, “Your skin ailment will be healed, except for one spot on the back of your hand. When you finish chanting a half million times of Earth God Mantra, that spot will heal on its own.”
Then she took off.

He wanted to chase after her, but he woke up from his dream.
Ever since that day, the ulcers started drying and stopped itching.
The markings on his skin gradually faded and about a month later, they were gone, except for one spot upon the back of one hand that still festered.
He came to take refuge in me.
I said, “The lady in white was Guanyin Bodhisattva. Just go and thank the bodhisattva!”
Later, that one spot upon the back of his hand also healed completely!

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