The Magical Hands of Sheng-yen Lu- Shoulder and Back Pain

(Book 236 The Magical Hands of Sheng-yen Lu《盧勝彥手的魔力》)
Shoulder and Back Pain
‧Written by Master Sheng-yen Lu‧

One day, student Wu was driving his minibus on the road. When he realized the yellow light was about to change red, he slammed on the brake. Because the car slowed too quickly, his body swung to the left.
Behind him was a fast moving truck loaded with cement, and the truck driver stepped on his brake too late. The front of the truck slammed hard into the rear of the minibus.
Student Wu felt everything swirling around him. His car then skidded next to a ditch on the right side of the road. In the process, his left shoulder struck the steering wheel, and he felt sharp tearing pain through his shoulder.

This occurred at a crossroads, and a traffic policeman happened to be right there. The policeman came over to investigate.
The cement truck suffered no major damage, but the rear of student Wu’s car sustained heavy damage and all the windows were broken.
Because student Wu is a Buddhist, he was unwilling to press charges. After the policeman’s mediation, he let the whole thing pass.
But student Wu continued to feel excruciating pain in his shoulder and back.
He went for an X-ray, but it showed no fracture.
The doctor prescribed him pain killers, and he also applied Salonpas pain relief patches over the area. But, he continued to have no relief. His shoulder and back continued to cause him severe pain for two months.

He tried tui-na, a form of Chinese medical massage, and applied herbal paste over the area but still had no improvement.
Someone recommended steroid injections and assured him it would take care of the pain.
But, he thought to himself, “Steroids have side effects,” and refused.
Student Wu came to Grand Master Lu for a mo-ding and simply told him, “My shoulder and back are hurting.”
I slapped my hand twice over his shoulder and back, and he left!

Student Wu thought, “The Chinese tui-na doctor spent over one and a half hours each session massaging my shoulder and back until my skin turned red and purple. He also applied cupping therapy to bring blood to the skin.”
“Today, Grand Master Lu just lightly slapped the area two times. Will this empowerment cure me?
That night, he slept soundly. In a trance-like state, he traveled to an unknown place. In short, it was a clean mountain site with beautiful vistas. He saw a kind and extremely dignified elderly woman, cooking a bowl of medicine.
Wu asked, “Why are you cooking medicine?”
The elderly woman replied, “To treat your shoulder and back pain.”
Wu asked, “How did you know about my shoulder and back pain?”
The elderly woman said, “It was that meddlesome Grand Master Lu of yours! He has asked me to prepare medicine for you.”
Wu said, “My teacher indeed cares very much for me!”
The elderly woman said, “Your teacher has a lot of free time. It is we, these earth-inhabiting gods, who have to work hard for him.”
Wu said, “Let me thank you on behalf of my teacher!”

Wu drank the medicine broth. Strangely, when he woke up, the severe pain in his shoulder and back was completely gone.
He ran to tell me of the incident.
Wu asked, “Who was that elderly woman?”
“That was the Elderly Mother of Li Shan (Pear Mountain, in Taichung, Taiwan)!”

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