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【Ragaraja Mudra :】 20110114185523

Ragaraja Mudra

Ragaraja Mudra


Interlace both hands’ fingers inward. Extend and cross middle fingers.



【Ragaraja Seed Syllable :】


 Hum (red in color)       Bang                         Seh  

  【Ragaraja Mantra :】


【Ragaraja Dharmalakṣaṇa Introduction】

”Ragaraja” has one face and six arms. He wears a crown with crossed vajra scepters on top of it. His red hair standing straight up and fierce vajra eyes give him a formidable look. Ragaraja is holding a dharma implement in each of his six hands. The left hand of the upper pair of hands holds a mala and the right hand, a lotus. The left hand of the second pair of hands holds a bow and the right hand, an arrow. Lastly, the left hand of the third pair of hands holds a vajra bell positioned at the bottom and the right hand, a vajra scepter positioned at the top. Ragaraja’s entire body radiates brilliant red light and he sits on a thousand-petaled lotus upon a nectar vase.

【Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Talk – Ragaraja Key Cultivation Formula】

”Ragaraja” is a transformation of Vairocana Buddha entering Samantabhadra Bodhisattva’s heart. He is a truly mighty Bodhisattva.



Among all the Yoga Vidyarajas ”Ragaraja” is the most honorable and extraordinary. He is an embodiment of Vajrasattva, and also an embodiment of a Dharma Prince.

One can also say that Mahavairocana Buddha enters into the heart of Samantabhadra transforming into Ragaraja and thereby becoming enormously powerful.

Vajrasattva does not exist in Sutrayana, as he is a Dharma Prince of Vajrayana. Manjusri is the Wisdom Dharma Prince, and Avalokiteshvara, the Compassionate Dharma Prince. The Hinayana’s Dharma Prince is Sariputra. In Sutrayana, Vajrasattva is considered one and the same as Samantabhadra Bodhisattva and Sutrayana considers Vajrasattva to be a transformation of Samantabhadra. Therefore, Sutrayana masters also state that Vajrasattva is Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.

Ragaraja in Eastern Vajrayana, which is Shingon Buddhism in Japan, is well known, as the case with Tibetan Vajrayana.

Ragaraja is unique in that he sits on a lotus growing out of a pure vase and the lotus is on top of the precious pure vase. This is what Ragaraja is special about. He appears with one head and six arms. The upper two hands hold a lotus and a mal; the middle two hands, a vajra bell and scepter; and the last two hands, a bow and arrow. In Japan the right hand of Ragaraja holds a vajra scepter at the chest with the palm facing upward.

Ragaraja’s mantra is ”hum。tsa-zhi-hum。re。” Recite the single syllable ”hum” first, then the three syllables ”tsa-zhi-hum” together, and the last syllable ”re.” Do not recite the second syllable ”hum” with the last syllable ”re” together.

To invoke ”Ragaraja”, one needs to form his mudra and chant his mantra ”hum。tsa-zhi-hum。re。.”【Invocation Dharma】 – While holding the mudra, rub the middle fingers against each other – this represents ”love to connect.” By invoking him in this way, Ragaraja will come quickly and descend into your body. This is how you invoke him and how he will descend naturally. All of the above are the key points.

Ragaraja is a great and mighty deity of love and respect. If relations between a couple are not harmonious, if one wants to acquire great love and admiration from male and female friends, if one wishes to become president or an artist, if one wishes to have a great affinity with all people, if one wishes the presence of valuable people, if practitioners need companions for success on the path of cultivation or need help from someone, if one needs the help of others in one’s studies, if farmers need workers to work for them, and if businessmen need nonstop benefits, they should all practice Ragaraja. Ragaraja and Kurukulle are the two very important love and respect deities of True Buddha School.

Following is the ”Ragaraja” dharma taught by Living Buddha Lian Sheng Sheng-yen Lu:

I. ”Assisting in Attaining Spiritual Union with the Principal Deity Dharma” – While practicing Vajrayana Buddhism, even after you recite mantras and practice many dharmas, you may still not have any spiritual response from any deity. By reciting Ragaraja’s mantra 300,000 times one will quickly achieve spiritual response.

Ragaraja has great dhama power. One can readily receive spiritual union with one’s personal deity while praying to him for it. Therefore, everyone should chant the deity’s mantra, because he belongs to ”love to connect.”

One will rapidly achieve spiritual union if one practices one’s personal deity after having recited Ragaraja’s mantra for 300,000 times! This is because he is ”love to connect,” which means to ”get you connected.”

II. ”Dharma for Annihilation of Evil” – Paint or draw Ragaraja’s image then hang the image on the west wall so that Ragaraja’s image faces east. Then, after completing 300,000 recitations of the ”Ragaraja mantra,” you can perform the ”Shooting with Ragaraja’s Bow and Arrow Dharma.” Facing to the front, visualize the person you consider to be your enemy in front of you and yourself holding a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. Then shoot the arrow at the visualized person. The person will no longer go against you. This is called the ”Dharma for Annihilation of Evil.”

Second method of the ”Dharma for Annihilation of Evil” – One chooses the afternoon of a ”Chu” (”Removal”) day to practice the dharma. Standing in front of Ragaraja’s image face to the east and form a gesture as if shooting an arrow while you recite the ”Ragaraja Mantra” 108 times. Then, visualizing your enemy in front of you, shoot the arrow at him. Your enemy will immediately retreat.

III. ”Dharma of Drawing an Image” – Vajrayana Buddhism highly regards painting a Buddha’s image. While you are painting the Buddha’s image, your entire mind is so focused that you will paint continuously. Because of this attentiveness, the divine nature of Ragaraja will enter the painting you have drawn, and the painting will already be powerful when you hang it up.

When practicing Image Drawing Dharma, one will obtain spiritual union quickly and easily because after drawing Ragaraja’s image for so long, Ragaraja is imprinted in one’s mind.

IV. ”Dharma of Love and Respect” – Homa for love and respect must be performed between the 16th and 30th days of the lunar calendar. Set up the fire offering mandala in the form of a lotus shaped semi-circle. All offerings, such as flowers, fruits, food, drinks, clothing or other items must be red in color. Throw 180 red lotus stamens into the homa fire burner to be burned. When reciting the mantra, chant ”hum。tsa-zhi-hum。re。 Command’name of the person’ and ‘name of the person’ to love and respect each other.”

(Please remember, this Dharma is to be practiced by one who is honest and sincere. It is not meant to be practiced by ”one who has evil intentions.”)

V. ”Nectar Dharma” – ”Ragaraja” sits on top of a nectar vase. A lotus stems grows out of this nectar vase becoming a thousand petaled lotus. Visualize that Ragaraja transforms on top of this thousand-petaled lotus, Rajaraja is transformed from the syllable ”hum” The lotus is transformed from the syllable ”bang.” The nectar vase is transformed from the syllable ”seh.” Visualize Ragaraja moving to the top of your head. Ragaraja’s nectar vase is dripping nectar which enters your central channel. Visualize your whole body filled with nectar that eliminates all your bad karma. You can visualize the amrita as red because Ragaraja is red in color. At this time, your whole body is filled with red amrita and you are purified. This way, you can easily go to Buddha’s Pure Land.



VI. ”Carved Image Dharma” – Have someone carve an image of Ragaraja about the height of your right thumb. Ragaraja’s height, width, and length should be exactly the same size as your thumb. Because you desire Ragaraja to be fully engraved in your heart, when you have completed 300,000 mantra recitations, Ragaraja will then have a spiritual union with you. Wherever you go, everyone will respect you and all their love will be reflected on your body.

One should practice Carved Image Dharma to protect oneself from being harmed by witchcraft, black magic spells, or evil practices. What one needs to do is to carve the image of Ragaraja and wear it as a pendant in front of one’s chest.

While wearing the carved image of Ragaraja, if you fall in love with a person and wish for Ragaraja to help reciprocate love from this person, all you need to do is recite the Ragaraja Mantra 7 times, and say the person’s name. Alternatively, say ”command ‘names of the person’ and ‘name of the person’ shall love each other.”

Also, after completing 300,000 recitations of Ragaraja Mantra, carry the carved image of Ragaraja with you. Recite the mantra 7 times while on the plane; 7 times while on the boat; 7 times while on the train; or 7 times while in the car. Whichever transportation you take, or if you are walking, or anywhere you may be, recite 7 times; you will not encounter any disasters or calamities.

VII. ”Dharma of Exorcising Demons” – When helping a mentally ill patient or a person possessed by evil spirits, visualize yourself transforming into Vajrasattva. Then visualize that the syllable ”hum” on the palms of both hands transform into Ragaraja. On top of your head, the ”hum” syllable transforms into Ragaraja; on your face, the ”hum” syllable transforms into Ragaraja. Transform your ”Vajrasattva” body into ”Ragaraja’s” body. Pat the back of the mentally ill patient or person that has been possessed by evil. Or recite ”hum。tsa-zhi-hum。re。” and pat the patient’s back with both your palms. The evil spirit possessing the body will then naturally leave.

VIII. ”Dharma of Detoxification” (Dharma of Purification) – All you have to do is recite the Ragaraja mantra 300,000 times. Then, for any food that you eat, first recite ”hum。tsa-zhi-hum。re。” 7 times. After eating this food, even if it was spoiled or contaminated, the food will become fresh and clean again. When you go home, you will not have diarrhea. Someone may put a curse on you with black magic, or put a curse on your food, or lace your food with sedatives or other mind-altering drugs. All you need to do is face toward the soda or food and recite ”hum。tsa-zhi-hum。re。” 7 times and the drugs or sedatives will no longer be effective. Anything that is contaminated will lose its effectiveness and be purified. Anything that is bad will become normal. Anything that has been poisoned will be detoxified.

Therefore, if one falls under spells of black magic or is harmed by witchcraft such as that practiced in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi, and Xiangxi, the witchcraft and the black magic spells can be undone as long as one practices this dharma.

Even if you find yourself in hell and see poisonous snakes, just recite ”hum。tsa-zhi-hum。re。” 7 times and the poisonous snakes will leave. If you are in the hell of swallowing red hot molten metal balls, all you need to do is recite the Ragaraja Mantra 7 times ”hum。tsa-zhi-hum。re。” and the metal balls will turn into moon cake. When you are in the hell of filthy excrement recite ”hum。tsa-zhi-hum。re。” 7 times and all the feces will turn into sausage. Any bad thing will transform into something good.

”Ragaraja” himself is infinitely powerful. Once you finish reciting Ragaraja’s Mantra 300,000 times, you will attain powerful spiritual union with Ragaraja.

!!Please be cautioned that before anyone can practice any uncommon dharma practices, they are advised and recommended to take refuge and the respective empowerment. The alternative is to be responsible for facing inherent cause and effect!!

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